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Chiriqui Electronic Design Studio


What we do

We facilitate Makers who would like to bring their ideas to market.


Being Makers ourselves, we looked for a production facility that meets our needs. An efficient production facility, focused on low volume niche markets, offering the full range of capabilities:

  • Product design (custom parts through injection molding, wood work, vacuforming etc)

  • Parts sourcing & purchasing

  • Parts logistics & warehousing

  • Producing products in kit form or assembled & tested

  • Order processing, shipping & payment handling worldwide

PiDP-10 by Obsolescence Guaranteed

For launching customer Obsolescence Guaranteed, we assemble the PiDP range of computer kits. Based on this experience, we have the infrastructure to produce very efficiently for other Makers, to benefit from our infrastructure. 

You design, we manufacture & ship, you benefit.

Our Services



Production Facilities

We work based in a Panamanian Free Trade Zone facility, where Makers' designs are produced very cost effectively.

The nearby Panama Canal provides an ideal hub for receiving parts from all over the world. Production takes place in our facility, then parcels are sent out to end buyers from a US based fulfillment center for quick and reliable international shipping.

These operational efficiencies regarding 'parts in, parcels out' are combined with the Free Trade Zone's zero import/export tariffs. And the payment to Makers is free from any taxation or bureaucracy.


The point being, for our very  specific target group of Makers, this makes our operations just as cost effective as what you'd find in the electronics hub of Shenzen, China.

Our factory has a large warehouse to ensure we can store even bulky parts and for higher volume part orders, to obtain better pricing.


Design Center


We have our own Design Center available for Makers.

Here we host friends and fellow Makers to do the final development sprint to finish an Idea into a Product. Sharing one or two weeks here with hands-on manufacturing people (carpenters, vacuforming and injection mold practitioners to name a few) just gets things done. In a fun way, yes, but also very effectively.

Productionising ideas needs people to work together, focused and with undivided attention.


We do want to mention the importance of the proper environment to be creative, hence the location of this design center in beautiful tropical Panama.

Photo Gallery

Production Facilities
PHOTO-2022-10-24-15-01-01 3
Screenshot from 2023-07-10 16-19-29
CEDS Warehouse
Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 9.47.22 PM
Screenshot from 2023-07-10 16-22-18
Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 9.43.12 PM
Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 9.46.58 PM
Electronic Circuit

Get to know us

Our management team consists of four people. Otto Oosterwijk made a career in managing industrial and logistics companies both in the US and in Europe. Oscar Vermeulen ended up being a full-time Maker, after his electronics kits met with rather unexpected demand, a story many Makers will recognise. Otto and Oscar, both Dutch, are the founders of CEDS. Juan Quiel is our Director of Operations and Melissa Quiel is our Marketing Director.

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Pana Park Free Zone, Unit No.9

24 de diciembre, 

Pan-American Highway

Panama City, Panama


+507 6459-0034

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