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About us:

We are Oscar, Otto, Jose and Ivan. With the upcoming PiDP-10 and PiDP-1 replicas adding to the existing PiDP-11 and -8 kits, this project has well and truly outgrown Oscar's house. So, since July 2023, the four of us make PiDP kits in our retrocomputing 'micro-factory': CEDS. 


Oscar & Otto at a Vintage Computer Festival, showing the Product Line: PiDP-1/8/11&10.

(Note that the 1 and 10 are still only prototypes, but we'll have them soon)

Kits are produced, packed on a pallet and shipped to a professional fulfillment center in Florida, from where the kits are then sent out. So as long as you see the order form to the right, we have the PiDP-11 in stock and ready to send out.


Jose & Oscar packing up kits on a pallet ready to go to Florida. Hard labor. Compare to  DEC's factory floor images from the seventies... we'll get there.

(You did realize CEDS contains a backronym?)

Finally, now we have assembled & tested PiDP-11s! In case you don't like soldering yourself.

If we have them in stock, you can select it in the order form to the right. If we're out of assembled PiDP-11s at the moment, just send us an email:


Ivan soldering a PiDP-11

Get a PiDP-11

Just fill in this form and we will send you an email with either a credit card payment link or a Paypal invoice:

Shipping - $45 USD

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Thank you for your order!

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